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Hi I’m Zoe Hart and music has always been a big part of my life, growing up in a household with a guitarist for a Dad, who not only taught guitar and recorded from home but became one of the directors of the Registry of Guitar teachers and helped develop rock guitar examinations

My Education

I studied technology attaining a national diploma in computer science from Kingston College of further education. The first job I had was being a cyber host at the UK’s 1st ever internet access café in Goodge Street, London. There I bore witness to the first internet radio station hosted by the legendary DJ Mr C.


The Event That Started It All

In June 1999, I hosted my first event in conjunction with Guilfin which was the Guildford Free Information network. I chose to host their event because they weren’t just about parties, but also about activism and making a difference in the world.


The event gained traction and what was born as a suggestion to host it to 200 people in the basement space of Cyberia ended up being the first-ever multi-room indoor rave in London, hosted at the Drome (SE1) venue under London Bridge. 2,500 people attended, we had a queue around the block, made gig of the week in the independent newspaper, raised £thousands for charity, and even had an internet café as the central space of which 6 other rooms came off of. It was amazing.


This unknowingly launched my DJ career and after being made redundant from my job as usability testing manager for Hobomedia.com (an online music company) I DJ’d to 2000 people in Croatia.


I spent 7 years touring worldwide as a DJ, making music with a host of amazing producers, and studied sound engineering at the City of Islington College. I had a stint as head of the music department for legendary rave company Cyberdog and also a stint running Torture Garden Records.


It was intense, fun, and also very hedonistic.


Finding My Sense of Purpose

Then my real muses came along, first my daughter in 2007 and then my son in 2008. I disappeared to try and regroup, struggling with depression, addiction, and now motherhood! It wasn’t until 2016 when I relocated to the Sussex Coast, became a single mum, and entered into a 12 step program that I started to find the real me.


I honestly thought it was all over. But the truth is it was just beginning.

I discovered that music really is my be all and end all and that all I really wanted to be able to do was make great sounding music, tell the story on my own heart through this medium and ultimately help others to do the same, especially those working in the healing fields, those with brain injuries and also disadvantaged children.



The Birth of Your Sound Lady

Therapeutic Music Tuition and Mobile Discos are now the main services I offer under Your Sound Lady, while also studying for my BA Hons in Music Production at Northbrook College, having just finished my foundation degree there which I passed with a distinction.


I discovered that my heart yearns to sing and produce downtempo beats which I release under my real name Zoe Hart, whilst the performer in me still loves a bit of the hard and fast and so I continue to DJ and produce drum n’ bass and harder styles as The *Ting*.


Encouraging listening, warmth, vulnerability and personal power.


Zoe Hart, Founder of Your Sound Lady – Creating Sound Connections

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