I am the founder of Your Sound Lady, Zoe Hart

It’s important that your event has the quality sound and visual support required for your speakers. Don’t compromise on this.

You want every person on that stage to sound great and their presentations display as they are meant to without mistakes.

You need a great microphone runner, who’s there in the audience, being a part of what’s going on and uplifting the event further. Supporting, holding space for delegates to go deeper in their stories, to feel heard and a part of the amazing transformation processes that your top speakers are eliciting from them.

Encouraging listening, warmth, vulnerability, personal power.

You want every one of your attendees to go home knowing that they HEARD the secrets to living their lives with power and purpose and it was because of your event that that happened.You also want this behind the scenes support to simply float, bringing an energy of love and empathy, supporting where it’s needed and then drifting quietly back to the shadows until the next person is due to be mic’d up.  Handling any problems with grace and humour, and fixing them swiftly without hesitation or excuse.

So if you’ve got a conference and if you meet her requirements then maybe you can hire… Zoe Hart… Your Sound Lady

Zoe Hart – Your Sound Lady

“Zoe, you are awesome!” Michelle Watson (Author, Speaker)

” I want YOU as my sound person, Zoe! You’re amazing! Thanks for doing a fantastic job this weekend at #UltimateEntrepreneur “ Mindy Gibbins-Klein (Book Midwife, Author, Speaker)

“We want YOU, We love YOU” Douglas Vermeeren

“Zoe Hart is brilliant. We booked her already. More dates to follow x” Sharon Callix (Award Winning Entrepreneur)

“The New AV Queen” Billal Jamil – (Coach, Speaker)

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