Zoe Hart – Around and Around




Description: Around and Around is Your Sound Lady‘s latest single under Proactive.

The song dives deep into the whimsical mind of Zoe Hart, blending deep loneliness and the idea of freedom.

Zoe Hart has been very open about her past struggles with substance abuse, particularly alcohol. The openness to talk about the darkest moment of her life is awe-inspiring as it is very difficult for most people to even mention it. Most people are being taken over by it leaving them hopeless without the proper support. It takes courage, a strong character, and acceptance to face her struggles in the eye and defeat it. It would be a lie to say that she confronted her demons by herself. With the help of meditation, friends, family, and spirituality, she’s been able to stray away from the downward spiral that is alcoholism and live a healthy and inspiring life. Alcoholism and lack of hope is not something to be proud of and Zoe shows this in her latest single, Around and Around.

The music tells the story of her deep darkness and how she overcame it by means of meditation and knowing her worth. She hopes to inspire more people through her music and share her life with whoever is happy to lend their ear. To Zoe, inspiring people and and the hope to heal the ones who can relate to her music mentally and spiritually is her biggest accomplishment.

Artist: Zoe Hart

Genre: House Electronica Staccato

File Size:  8.0 MB

File Format: MP3

Length:  4:02 Minutes