Thank You For My Life – Great Spirit – Jenny Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix)


Thank You for My Life ~ Great Spirit
Raising the spirit of song
“This song carries a wonderfully potent, energising frequency. As it came in through my ears I felt it connect into my heart, lifting and expanding my energy field. It’s SO much more than a song – it is a portal for shamanic healing.” Ali Babs
This is a beautiful, healing sound transmission & journey through drum and voice encoded with power blessings to raise your vibrational frequency, open your heart, weave and anchor intent with gratitude.Jen-ix is a creative catalyst for change and transformation, a shamanic healer, a bridge between worlds, a woman of spirit and song and a conduit for healing sound frequency’s.
She is a true force of nature. With a big story to tell.
If you feel called to donate more for the track or into the bigger project (Ambassadors of Unity) – we would welcome your support as the tribe and family grows.  –
Jenny Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix) – Lead vocals, lyrics, top line melody, percussion
Maria Payne Vlahogiannis – Backing vocals, Percussion
Graham Foy – Producer, Drums, Bass Guitar, Percussion
Matt Szul – Flute,
Recorded and Mixed by Martyn Baker at Yougig Studios
Mastered at Soundbyte Studio by Russ Plowman
Eagle painted on red background by Christine Allison