Get Your Kids To Love Children's Disco Party

Get Your Kids To Love A Children’s Disco Party And Learn The Basics Of DJing

Children's Disco Party

Kids love parties, but it can be hard to find something that’s going to keep them entertained. But don’t worry, because we’re here to help give you ideas for the best children’s disco party!

In this article, we’ll take you through the basics of having a disco party for your kids. We’ll talk about some great music to play, the disco equipment that you may need, and how to get them dancing like the pros!

The Best Children’s Disco Party Ideas

Start with a theme

A children’s disco party is a fun place for kids to let loose, have some fun and maybe, learn the basics of DJing. 

But before we jump into all the details, let’s first get the idea going by setting a theme for the party. Themed parties are fun and exciting for children and adults alike. It could be a party filled with Superheroes? Cartoons? Or kids dressed up as their dream careers? 

Starting with a theme is the key, so when you have decided on that theme, you can start creating and sending the invites out to everyone else, organizing the food, drinks, decorations, and music.

Help kids to get creative with the invites

The most important preparation you can do is to let your children know their friends will be coming over and to let them get them excited about it.

You might think that a children’s disco party is all about getting kids together to dance and have fun, but it is actually much more than that. The disco format can be used to impart many important life skills, such as co-operation, creativity, and communication. Helping children organise the invite list is a great way of building these skills in the lead-up to the big day itself.

Depending on the age of your child, there are a few ways in which you could ask them to help with the invitations. For younger children simply getting them to choose their favourite stickers and putting them on the cards may be enough.

For older children, asking them to write their name and address on each card is a great way to get them involved, as is getting them to hand out the invitations when they go to school. Let their imaginations run free and listen to what they have to say.

Dress code, party ideas, and activities

Set a dress code for everyone at the party. Remember that this is not only about making sure everyone looks good; it’s also about making sure everyone enjoys themselves! If you want your guests to look their best, then make sure you provide them with plenty of accessories like sunglasses and hats that match their outfits. You can even instruct your guests to come dressed in their favorite disco attire such as polyester shirts & pants, bell-bottoms, go-go boots, platform shoes, wigs, etc. Even if your guests don’t have these items, encourage them to wear bright colors or Hawaiian shirts.

If you’ve ever been to a children’s party, you’ll know that there’s one thing they all have in common — they’re loud. There are few things as noisy as a group of children having fun, so if you’re thinking of hosting a children’s party, you need to have some entertainment planned to keep them amused. For instance, you can set up an obstacle course or set up a game where they must try to get through the maze without falling off the dance floor. 

Remember, it’s one thing to make your guests enjoy dressing up, it’s another to keep them entertained during the event itself so make sure you have prepared tons of games on your list! For a list of suggestions why not check out our sister site ‘Hart Entertainment’s great selection here

Children’s disco party – Music choice is essential

The disco party is the most important event for your children. They are eagerly waiting for the moment when their friends will come to see them and have fun together. Some days will pass until the party and there is still a lot to do before it. You need to prepare the menu, buy drinks and snacks, make decorations, etc.

There is no need to be nervous, as everything will be done in time and your children will be happy with the party. However, don’t forget that the most important thing at any party is music! This is what helps to create a good mood for everyone and enjoy good food and drinks.

Let your children get involved with the DJ booth

If you’re hosting a party for your children and their friends, why not let them be the ones to lead the fun?

The kids at the party will love getting involved with the DJ booth and managing the party themselves.

It’s not just for shows either — you can use this as a great teaching opportunity for your children. They’ll learn incredible skills that can be applied in everyday life, and it’s an exciting way to get them off their iPads and play with real instruments!

DJing for kids is a great way to encourage creativity, and teach them about music and the basics of mixing records. Of course, DJing for kids is also fun! While it’s good to keep the booth busy and controlled, it will also be an experience for your children if they get to experience being the party host, like really, becoming the party host. 

Set a scene for the dance party

When you’re preparing for a Children’s disco party, setting the scene is really important. Decorating the room, preparing a playlist, and getting some props can make all the difference in whether the kids have a great time or not.

You’ll want to set up your disco before your guests arrive, so they can get straight into dancing on arrival. This gives you plenty of time to prepare yourself with some snacks and drinks ready for when they come off the dance floor and start getting hungry.

Disco lights are essential to creating a good atmosphere at a Children’s disco party. You could buy a disco light kit or make one yourself, perhaps using colored bulbs or LED lighting which is cheap and easy to get hold of.

You could also add some extra decoration by hanging balloons from the ceiling or sticking up posters related to your theme (if you’re having one).

Take Your Hands off the Preparation

​​Planning your child’s birthday party can be a lot of work. 

From setting the theme and sending the invites, setting rules for dress codes, and coming up with activities to making sure everyone goes home with a goody bag filled with presents and treats at the end of the night.

Sure, it’s fun and all that but for people who don’t have that much time and resources to plan these kinds of events, it will be exhausting and might come off as impossible to pull off.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be like this!

Talk to Your Sound Lady and she’ll show you how she can turn your children’s party into a real disco party with games, lights, great music, bubbles and we’ll even take care of the organising. All you need do is turn up with your guests and enjoy!

Our children’s disco parties range from 2 hours to 4 hours long, depending on what you want. The packages are suited for children, or young at heart of all ages and take place in your home or at a location of your choice.

It’s a great idea to send out invitations ahead of time so that parents can save them in their calendar app, but also so that they can bring along their cameras or phones because you know there will be lots of adorable photos taken during the party. 

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