Zoe Hart receives the Corporate Live Wire Award 2022

Zoe Hart Reaches Pinnacle Of Business Success – And Gets Award From Corporate LiveWire To Prove It

About Zoe Hart

About Zoe Hart

Zoe Hart, founder of Your Sound Lady and Hart Entertainment received an award this March-The Corporate LiveWire Award 2022.

Zoe has been involved in many of London’s successful events and venues.  She is also a highly skilled sound engineer and producer, and her success as a DJ and promoter speaks for itself. Zoe has worked with some of the biggest music brands in the world, including Glastonbury and the Ministry of Sound. She has had her own radio shows on Release and Code South radio stations and currently spins on UKBassRadio

Since then she has worked nonstop, making sure every event is memorable. She continues to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. Her creativity and dedication have made her one of the most sought-after DJs in Europe.

It is no wonder that she has now been awarded this prestigious award from Prestige Awards. 

Zoe Hart at Corporate LiveWire Awards 2022

Hart Entertainment

Hart Entertainment is the kids’ party branch of Your Sound Lady which received the Corporate LiveWire Awards.

According to Zoe Hart, “It’s a family affair with my daughter becoming the games master and my son the DJ. Prior to COVID, for instance, we would host parties as a team as the children enjoy their events with their peers. We were chosen to win the award based on our commitment to kindness, professionalism, teamwork, online presence, and client reviews”.

Zoe acknowledged the amount of support she’s been getting from her family and peers. Moreover, she also believes that Your Sound Lady is a team effort, and the award would not exist without the hard work and support of so many.

The CorporateLive Wire Prestige Award Explained

The Corporate LiveWire Award is a global award for small and independent businesses, given by Prestige Awards. It aims to enhance the credibility of small businesses. Small businesses are often seen as the cornerstone of any local economy.

The Prestige Awards is organised by the Prestige Awards team, a company that has been involved themselves in organising business awards for over 10 years, The Prestige Awards have been on the lookout for small businesses that have been creating a remarkable impact on their respective industries. 

Prestige Awards – Who Gets It, Awarding Process, and Purpose

The Prestige Awards reward businesses that show themselves to be the best in their field. The process of selecting a winner for The Corporate LiveWire Award is very transparent and rigorous.  According to their official mechanics, award nominations are based on the following criteria:

  • Service Excellence
  • Quality of the product/service provided
  • Innovative practices
  • Value
  • Ethical or sustainable methods of working
  • Consistency in performance

The winners selected for the award are those who best demonstrated their skills, ability, and leadership in the areas stated. The winners would be acknowledged and featured in a celebratory magazine. It would be circulated to Prestige subscribers, as per The Prestige Awards’ instructions.

The nominees for the award undergo a thorough process; from Identifying the nominees, to Awarding the Winners. This year, Zoe Hart, has been honoured with the Corporate LiveWire Awards 2022, acknowledging her outstanding work in the field of music and entertainment.

Corporate LiveWire Awards 2022

The Prestige Awards honors excellence. This is a time when the best are appreciated and deserve to stand out from their peers. It’s an event that offers hope and motivation for individuals who strive to achieve greater things every day and is a night of celebration for all those involved in making it happen.

Congratulations to all the winners. Keep doing what you do and inspire more people!

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