Behringer 16 Channel Mixing Desk

Many people have asked me over the years what equipment I use for the various courses, classes, workshops, lessons and discos I run. So I thought why not put it into a blog and tell you all about it as it varies widely between the different events and lessons. 

In-person DJ Lessons: 

2 Technic 1210 SL vinyl record decks with Ortofon cartridges and styli, two Yamaha HS5 active studio monitor speakers and a DDJ 800 Pioneer Digital DJ mixing desk. I only chose this over the 1000 as the 1000 wouldn’t fit into the space with the vinyl decks, and there was no way I was getting rid of those! I also have a laptop stand, several hundred vinyl records, 4 boxes of cables, my Seinheiser HD 25 headphones and 2 pairs of student use Sony headphones stored below on the perfectly sized Kallax unit which I picked up from Marketplace already fitted on wheels. The cat’s still learning to mix. 😉

Event Kit

Birthday, Wedding, PTA School Disco, Private House Parties, Christmas, Kids Childrens birthdays, Sports Days, Conferences, Speaker Events, Club Nights, Pubs, Karaoke, UV Discos.

YSL Event Kit

So much kit! Depending on the size of the event, the type of the event and the clients requests, some, most or all of the following kit is used:

  • Rhino stand with lighting gantry (pictured) or Equinox DJ booth with separate lighting stand.
  • Heavy duty Speaker stands
  • 2 x EV ZXA1 2 way powered full range speakers
  • 1 x EV ZXA1 12” powered sub
  • Yamaha MG06X analogue mixer
  • 2 x Shure SM58 wireless microphones
  • 2 x Moving Heads
  • 2 x Chauvet Radius Lights
  • Chauvet COLOR Light Bar
  • UV Flood Cannon
  • Double LED Star Cloth
  • Green Laser
  • Multicolour Laser
  • Small stand alone Disco Ball
  • 2 x Uplighters
  • Microphone Stand
  • Small TV for Karaoke (hardly needed due to most venues having TV’s or projectors, but still good for kids Karaoke in church halls)
  • Pioneer DDJ800 digital DJ mixing desk
  • Laptop computer with 1Tb hard drive of music, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ software for DJing (type of gig dependant) and MagicQ for controlling the DMX lights
  • And a massive bag of all the cables (plus spares) required to connect it all together.

YSL Event Kit Pack

YSL Event Setup

It takes between 30 minutes to an hour to put together. The pictures below show how it looks from behind the decks (DJ View) and from the front (audience view) 

The first image in this section shows what it can look like when it’s stretched out and using smoke. The second shows it in it’s packed down state. The third shows a slightly reduced set up which fits neatly into this private dining space. 

One of the things I love to do most is maximise the impact and make the most of the space available. I’ve put on events in barns, living rooms, fields, halls, tiny country pubs with ridiculously low ceilings, even a circus tent. No space too small, no venue too big. I just need to call some friends and get more kit! Lol

YSL Party Setup

YSL Kit Setup

Conferences and Speaker Events 

I generally only need the PA (Speakers and mixing desk) plus an additional 7 wireless headset microphones. I have some super long XLR cables so the speakers are placed either side of the stage with me running sound from the back. I also have a much larger Behringer 16 channel mixing desk for these events. 

YSL Conference

YSL Mixer

DJ Workshops / Group Events

For these I use the old Reloop Beatpad, which is a great starter digital DJ mixing desk and the Djay pro app. The introduction to DJing workshop that I ran took us on a journey from vinyl through CD’s into digital DJing mediums. I no longer have the Traktor Control unit (replaced with the Pioneer DDJ880) or the Numark CDJs. I still have the Gemini Killer mixer, the 1210 turntables and Reloop Beatpad (pictured in both photos)

YSL DJ Workshop

YSL DJ Workshop Setup

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