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Turning 40? Make Sure You Don’t Throw the Anti-Party

No matter how hard you try, your 40th birthday will have some adult responsibilities. And yes, sometimes you still have to bring a checklist with you in case you miss something upon preparing for the day.

But to make your checklist sweet, subtle, and concise, here’s the summary of what you need:
A low-key party that everyone will remember, with good food and drinks, great people, and good music.

When you’re young, you want to throw the best and wildest party of your life. But that changes as you get older and gain more experience, and throwing a party doesn’t always feel like such a good idea anymore.

This is why it’s essential to sit down and really prepare a checklist of things you want to achieve on the day of your event. No worries, we have already compiled a list and created one for you as a head start!

Things to Prepare before your Adult Party

Turning 40 symbolises the end of youth and the beginning of middle age. It’s an occasion for celebration but also a time for serious self-reflection. Even in preparation for your party, you have to do the legwork and consider ticking these things off your checklist!

Adult party table presentation

Gather up your Party Events and Theme Ideas then, settle for one

Before selecting a venue, start with the theme: Will, your adult party, be formal or casual? Will it have a family-friendly atmosphere, or will it be adults only?

Because then, if you have already figured out what a good party theme will be, it will be easier for you to tick off the items in this list.

Choosing a theme for your party can be as straightforward or elaborate as possible. A “back to the 80’s” anti-birthday party is always fun, but so is a formal themed party. A Roaring 20’s theme can work well too. The choice is yours.

You can be as strict as setting a colour palette for your guest’s attire down to the props they bring!

adult birthday party banner

Match your theme with the location, and reserve

Since you have already settled on your party’s appearance, it should now be easier for you to decide on your location.

Where you hold a 40th birthday party will depend on how extensive the guest list is, who is invited and what kind of event it will be. House parties work well if the crowd is close-knit or if the birthday person wants to relax with friends in a familiar environment. If you’re going to go out on the town or bring in caterers, you’ll need a larger venue, like an event space, restaurant, or hotel banquet room.

First off, will you host your party at home or in a public place? Would it be an intimate dinner between close friends and family, or would you invite more? If guests are traveling to attend, you may want to choose a hotel or restaurant with overnight accommodations. Renting a private room at a restaurant is often less expensive than renting out an entire space.

Before signing any contracts, discuss any special needs (e.g., wheelchair accessibility) with the venue manager.

music for adult party

Set the vibe through carefully picked music

For most people, music plays a big part in any party. You can either put some music on yourself or hire an entertainer such as a DJ or band. If one of your friends has a good voice, then suggest that maybe they do something for you at the party? Either way, you have to keep in mind that music is also essential when you throw a party, especially on your 40th!

You and your guests will surely have a better time if great music plays in the background. It doesn’t matter if you prefer rock ‘n roll or country music, as long as you choose a piece that fits the party’s theme and will set the right atmosphere.

Try to make the playlist as varied as possible so that everyone has something they can enjoy listening to. Or better yet, let a DJ do the legwork for you and focus more on other things in this checklist! You will not just have an expert opinion on your music choice, but you will also save time from compiling songs and playlists.

food and wine party for your adult party

Look up Food for Your Adults Party, review the menu, and pick a set that suits the time of the event

When you were younger, people raved about your pizza rolls and microwaved mini corn dogs, but this is a time for real food that doesn’t come from a box or bag.

You don’t have to go crazy with fancy five-star hotel cuisine but consider something like grilled chicken or vegetables on skewers or a nice cheese plate.

And oh, make sure that your menu consists of food that goes well with the time of the day. If your party is scheduled in the evening, you would not want sunny side-ups being served to your guests. Make sure to select from a list of food and keep in mind the time your party will occur. it’s also important to cater for all your guests dietry requirements, such as vegan, vegetarian, and allergies. This way, you can consistently set the mood for your party down to the food and drink choices you selected.

It’s always best to look up ideas on the web and search for snack ideas for an adult party or adults party food ideas. Go ahead and get creative with things you see online!

adult party invitations

Finish your guest list then, get creative with invitations

Have you already settled on the largest number of guests you want to invite? What is the capacity of the location you booked for the party? 20? 40? Or 10? As you started this list, from the moment you started setting the suitable theme, you should have the guest list in mind and as you started the list and set the suitable theme, your guest list in mind comes next. Ensure that they fit in the location you picked for the event.

After revising, crossing out, or adding people to your guest list, now it’s time for you to get creative with your invitations.

It’s up to you whether or not you follow our advice, but here goes: keep it short, personalized, and snappy.

If you have time, send out physical invitations with RSVP cards. If you don’t have time, send out electronic invitations via email, text, or social media (but not all three) and ask for RSVPs. Give people about two weeks in advance to respond so you can finalize the number of guests and end up with enough food and drinks for everyone.

In terms of the design and vibe of your invitation, printed or not, you can find dozens of good ideas online or at your local party supply store. If you want to put some effort into this, hire an artist to create a personalized invitation for every guest. Or send out an image of yourself from when you were ten years old with a caption that says, “You’re invited to my 10th bday party!

Kidding aside, always keep in mind the tone, theme, and time you will be sending your invites.

Game ideas for your adult party

Sit and layout game ideas for the adults’ party you want to happen

It was easy to set this up back when you were a child. You could already get off after playing one round of Trip to Jerusalem or a couple of Bring Me sessions at your party. But it’s never the case when you’re already turning 40.

You might want to steer clear of traditional games played at a child’s birthday party (though those could be fun!). Instead, focus on games that adults can play and enjoy.

You don’t have to plan a day full of activities — make sure everyone has something fun to do. That could be as simple as getting together at a bar, watching a movie, or playing cards all night long. All that matters is that everyone has something fun to do and something enjoyable to eat.

You’re ready to embrace 40

Now, you are finally prepared to head-on, ready to hold that party to celebrate your 40th!

Many people have a hard time accepting their age and the passage of time. At 40, you may look back with nostalgia at the days when you were younger, firmer, and had less grey hair. You might even feel like you’re getting old too soon.

But, 40 is a great age to be. It is an opportunity to look back and reflect on what you have achieved so far. It is also the chance to set new goals and pave the way for your future endeavours.

On the day you turn 40, we hope you celebrate yourself. you’re still young at heart.

Get your Hands Off Preparation

Your 40th is a birthday that deserves celebration, so make sure it’s not one to be missed!

Some people may have been scared and overwhelmed with the things needed to take note of when preparing for a party. If you want to really get to the nitty-gritty of preparing for your party, don’t get stuck up searching for themes for adults’ parties or figuring out what to put in adults’ party bags. Always find the time to sit down and don’t lose yourself in the available resources and ideas you can search online. Have a checklist with you and slowly tick one off! 

Let Your Sound Lady do all the birthday preparations for you, and contact us now to check for availability. We’ll wait for your email!

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