Disco Party at East Preston Infants School

Your Sound Lady Hosted a Mobile Disco at East Preston Infants School!

Have you ever seen a face light up with excitement as soon as they heard the words “mobile disco”? I just can’t help smiling when I see their faces lighting up.

Last week, we were once again asked to provide a Mobile Disco at Easton Preston Infants School. One of the services we have in our package is organizing mobile discos, and PTA discos are what we do best. 

We’re always thrilled to see children get excited, happy, and dance when they haven’t even left the school grounds yet! Mobile discos are a great event to organize as it helps everyone feel connected and alive; it’s not just a ton of fun, but also an energy boost for kids and teachers alike.

Easton Preston Infants School is a small primary school in East Preston, West Sussex. It is full of enthusiastic and energetic children and teachers who made it a joy to be involved with their Mobile Disco. We previously handled their Halloween Party last year and actually booked again to handle their Summer Party in the next few months!

Start of the Event

We wanted to make it an exciting experience for both the young people and their teachers which is why we set up the booth in a funky, colorful, and exciting way.

YSL Disco at East Preston Infants School

We organized three discos starting with reception and everyone loved it! The aim was to help with the children’s learning and development by having a good time. The mobile disco was held in the school hall and we set up the disco lights and sound system. 

Main Event

The school wanted something for the children and teachers, who had worked so hard all year. We decided to keep it simple with a few games to keep them entertained. Each disco is an hour-long with a 15-minute change in between.

The different age groups have their own unique energy and enthusiasm which makes the event special and enjoyable, especially when they all join in together to sing along and dance to their favourite songs. The teachers are happy as we always get involved with everything and they can sit back and relax while we do most of the work. 

Except of coures when it comes to helping with some of the games such as limbo and the grand hokey cokey finale. It’s a great way to get them out of their seats and dance around, plus they get to hear some new music that they might not otherwise have heard before.

This is good because we play a lot of chart music and it’s not always age-appropriate so when I do these events I tend to play the music that really gets the kids going, which on this occassion was Disney’s Encanto.

The children had a great time as well. With a little help of bubbles and awards, it’s enough to get them to participate. We played ping pong and held a colouring competition, but as everyone knows from experience, the best game of all is musical statues. It builds up anticipation because everyone watches you closely, waiting for you to break out first. We finished off by handing out the colouring competition awards.

Kids love mobile discos because they can let go of all their inhibitions and have fun with their friends.

Teachers also get involved – it’s contagious!

All throughout the event, I was wearing an incredible shirt where they could scan through it and leave me a review (*fingers crossed* hope it’s a good one!), check it out! 

Your Sound Lady QR Code Shirt

It was a fun and successful event to host a mobile disco at East Preston Infants School!

How To Hold a Mobile Disco Event

Mobile discos are a great event to organize as it helps everyone feel connected and alive. It’s a great way to spend an evening with your friends and family and there is something for everyone.

Looking for a disco hire or a mobile disco near you? We have lots of ideas for mobile disco events, so if you’re stuck on what to do this weekend, why not get in touch with Your Sound Lady?

We can go through all the options with you, from what music you want to play and how long the event should last, to what the venue looks like and how much space you have. Your Sound Lady will work with you to make sure everything goes smoothly and that your evening is as fun as possible. 

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